Ring Road Rawalpindi Latest Development Updates

Ring Road Rawalpindi Latest Development Updates

Ring Road Rawalpindi Latest Development Updates: Rawalpindi Ring Road, also called R3, was developed on Friday, 22 September 2023. It will connect the towns of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Furthermore, the developers want to finish it in 2024. It is a one-year endeavor. Moreover, the ring road will start at the Channi Sher Alam bridge. That is near Rawat. It also comes to an end at the Thalian junction. It will conclude the M2 Motorway.

The R3-Rawalpindi Ring Road is an essential piece of infrastructure. It will also have a significant impact on business and transportation. Most importantly, it will shorten commuters’ trip times. This will also reduce gasoline expenditures. It will also make transferring things easier and faster. It also promotes development along its course. As a result, it will generate new businesses and employment. Keep reading this blog for the most up-to-date information.

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Ring Road Rawalpindi Latest Development Updates

Rawalpindi Ring Road, also known as Rawalpindi–Islamabad Ring Road, is a 38.3-kilometer orbital highway in Pakistan between the cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. According to Ring Road Rawalpindi latest development updates, the work on the road started in March 2022, and it is currently under construction. Upon completion, the road will have six lanes.

Ring Road Rawalpindi Owners And Developers

Ring Road Rawalpindi is a well-known government infrastructure. Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) and Capital Development Authority (CDA) are its developers. In the future, both developers will run and manage it. It’s a significant development experience. It will affect the economy on the enormous scale of the 20th and 16th most significant economic projects in a few decades. This will also make residents’ lives smoother and easier than before. It is a 6-lane controlled-access route that has a design speed of 120 km per hour.

What Is the Ring Road Rawalpindi Master Plan?

According to Ring Road Rawalpindi latest development updates, there will be 36.3 km long in total. The government has already purchased 12 kilometers of land. The NESPAK prepared the Rawalpindi Ring Road Master Plan. It also stretches from Chak Beli Khan to Adiala road. However, the property for the remaining 26.3 km is still being purchased.

Both twin cities will have business zones along the motorway. It will also include six flyovers, and will have eleven overhead bridges. It will improve public travel. The ring road also benefits residents who live on the outside. It will also reduce traffic noise and reduce pollution. It will cut down on gasoline use.

Ring Road Rawalpindi Latest Development Updates - R3 interchanges

Rawalpindi Ring Road Interchanges

Rawalpindi Ring Road is home to several commercial and residential projects from Blue World City, Rudn Enclave, Kingdom Valley, and Park View City. The road leads to the highway that has many interchanges, including;

  • Baanth Interchange
  • Chak Beli Khan Interchange
  • Adiala Road Interchange
  • Chakri Road Interchange
  • Thalian Interchange

Ring Road Rawalpindi Latest Development Updates Features

Ring Road Rawalpindi has a definite impact on the transportation network. Some of the Ring Road Rawalpindi latest development updates features are

  • 300 ft. wide
  • Three satellite zones
  • Decrease in traffic jam
  • Ease of access to 50,000 automobiles
  • Connected with twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad

What Is The Cost Of Rawalpindi Ring Road?

The Frontier Works Organization (FWO) will lead the R3 project. The project is not for sale due to being in the construction state, but the highway construction will have an average cost of Rs 23 billion. The land acquisition will be Rs 6.7 billion. So, the total estimated budget of the R3 is Rs 31.7 billion.

How Ring Road Rawalpindi Latest Development Updates Are Impacting Twin Cities?

Ring Road Rawalpindi will cause a significant transformation in the real estate market of the twin cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Initially, it will make travel easy for individuals. That will enhance the demand for the best housing investment in twin cities. So, the costs of the real estate properties will rise. It is suitable for the homeowners.

Ring Road Rawalpindi will also create new investment and residential opportunities in the area. It will compact the distance within the cities so everyone will have access to the needless amenities.

The Rawalpindi Ring Road will benefit the real estate in the twin cities. It will also raise the demand for real estate. Furthermore, it will raise house prices. As a result, employment creation will increase. Some of the housing societies in the twin cities that will profit from it are as follows:

  • Bahria Town Rawalpindi
  • Rudn Enclave
  • Blue World City
  • Capital Smart City
  • DHA phase-4 Rawalpindi

Ring Road Rawalpindi Latest Development Updates - R3 nearby projects

What Are The Benefits Of Ring Road Rawalpindi?

The Rawalpindi Ring Road is a fast and efficient route for trade-related traffic and connection to other major cities. It will also connect GT Road, Islamabad Expressway, and Motorway M-2. Here are some benefits of the Rawalpindi Ring Road:Β 

  • Traffic management: The road will improve traffic flow in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It will also reduce traffic congestion and make it easier for residents to drive between the twin cities.
  • Accessibility: The road will make it easier to access the New Islamabad International Airport.
  • Economic growth: The road will reduce travel time and fuel costs for commuters. It will also provide an easy and efficient passage for cargo transportation.
  • Real estate: The road will open up prospects for real estate projects and development. The price range for housing project plots will skyrocket once the road is completed.
  • Urban planning: The road will improve urban planning.
  • Tourism: The road will increase travel and tourism.

Wrap Up!

Ring Road Rawalpindi latest development updates is a significant development project. It will help the area in a lot of ways. It will also change the twin cities and projects around them, which will make the traffic flow better. Similarly, it will help real estate projects. The economy will grow faster because of economic projects like CPEC. Most of all, the project is mainly about long-term growth that doesn’t harm the environment. It is a green infrastructure.

The construction on the Ring Road Rawalpindi latest development updates will be finished by the end or middle of 2024. Thus, it brings in more residential facilities and more money as well. Therefore, it will help twin cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi, to have a better and more stable future. So, if you want to buy the best real estate investment in commercial or residential projects around R3, contact The Yard Marketing or call us at +923 11 11 33 822.

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