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Park View Hills Estate Block

Park View City is not just limited to Park View Hills Estate Block. This expansion offers an even more tranquil community, boasting modern amenities and a superb lifestyle amidst lush greenery. Park View City Islamabad continuously strives to introduce new offerings for its residents and investors, and this time it presents a fresh neighborhood enveloped by verdant surroundings.

pvc-Hill Estate
pvc-Hill Estate

Hills Estate Master Plan

The management recently announced the new block’s launch on their social media platform. This highly anticipated addition will be a fantastic opportunity for businesses following the successful introduction of the Park View City Golf Estate Block. According to the developer’s description, Park View Hills Estate will be an exquisite apartment block, offering breathtaking views of picturesque hills adorned with lush vegetation.

Situated in a peaceful neighborhood near the city’s majestic mountains, Park View City Islamabad has already gained prominence for its serene location. The Park View Hills Estate enjoys a prime position with its proximity to the mountains. The residential projects in Park View City have been specifically designed to showcase unparalleled and awe-inspiring views that have never been seen before.

Hills Estate Owner and Developers

Developed by the renowned Vision Group, Park View City Hills Estate has emerged as a highly desirable residential community in Islamabad, featuring contemporary architecture and state-of-the-art technology. The Vision Group, led by Aleem Khan, a well-known and actively involved member of the esteemed political realm, showcases its expertise through this exceptional development.

Breaking new ground with its debut project in Islamabad, Park View City exemplifies the cutting-edge innovations introduced by the Vision Group since its establishment in 2012. In short, the Vision Group has achieved unprecedented success in the real estate sector, solidifying its reputation as a trusted and esteemed developer in the region.

Hills Estate Payment Plan


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