Sports Valley

Unparalleled Experience for enthusiasts

Blue World City takes immense pride in introducing the comprehensive “Sports Valley,” a first-of-its-kind initiative to promote sports tourism in Pakistan. Situated in the world’s first purpose-built tourist city, the Sports Valley promises an unparalleled experience for sports enthusiasts. This innovative and exciting project offers a range of world-class sports facilities and activities, from cricket fields and basketball courts to swimming pools and fitness centers. 

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just looking for fun and exercise, the Sports Valley has something for everyone. Come and discover the ultimate sports destination in Pakistan!


Pakistan’s Largest Cricket Stadium

From its name, “Sports Valley,” you can imagine performing sports in this valley. At the heart of Sports Valley stands an amazing cricket stadium, the largest in Pakistan. With a capacity to accommodate over 55,000 spectators, the stadium is designed to host grand sporting events. 

To further enhance convenience for visitors, the stadium includes a spacious parking facility that can house up to 15,000 vehicles. Additionally, the valley boasts various other sports facilities, such as cricket fields, tennis courts, and basketball courts, making it a perfect destination for sports enthusiasts.



Torch Hotel

Visitors have been thoroughly impressed by the Torch Tower in Blue World City, which boasts a remarkable replica of Doha’s Torch Hotel. The Torch Hotel, housed within the Tower, offers its guests luxurious accommodations, top-notch dining options, and entertainment facilities. 

Not only that, but the Tower also features two highly-rated restaurants, a business center, a fitness center, an outdoor pool, and a spa, making it the ultimate destination for those seeking an all-around experience. It sounds like an amazing place to stay!


Blue Mosque

The architecture of The Blue Mosque in Istanbul showcases the rich heritage and traditions of Islamic civilization. Interestingly, Blue World City has also included a replica of the same mosque, not only in its structure but also in its essence. 

The construction of this replica has been executed with the same level of precision and passion by a team of skilled architects, engineers, and craftsmen, just like the original.

Villaggio Mall

Villaggio Mall is a globally recognized shopping mall in Doha, Qatar’s capital city. The mall’s structure is based on the Italian village architecture, hence the name ‘Villaggio,’ which means ‘village’ in Italian. The mall is famous for its unique features and design, including an imitation of the famous St. Mark’s bell tower in Venice, a canal passing through the center of the Villaggio mall with gondolas, and a “Magic Island,” a large indoor amusement park.

The Blue World City developers are now developing the same mall in the Sports Valley.

Villaggio Mall


Sports Valley is ideally located on the Northern Avenue of world’s first purpose-built tourist city, Blue World City. This iconic project is in the immediate vicinity of major landmarks of the twin cities.

  • 5-minute drive from Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • 5-minute drive from Islamabad-Lahore Motorway M2
  • 10-minute drive from CPEC Route
  • 20-minute drive from New Islamabad International Airport

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