Punjab Housing And Town Planning Agency (PHATA)

Punjab Housing And Town Planning Agency (PHATA)

Punjab Housing And Town Planning Agency (PHATA): Housing and Physical Planning (H & PP) was established by Housing & Physical Planning Department in 1973. H&PP was devolved under PLGO 2001, with the Directorate General and 34 nucleus offices (DO H&TP) at the district level.

H&PP Punjab was revamped as “Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA)” under the PHATA Ordinance, 2002. The said agency has been effectuated W.E.F., 01.04.2004 to rejuvenate the housing sector and provide shelter to shelter-less low-income groups.

Punjab Housing And Town Planning Agency (PHATA)

Now that you understand the Punjab Housing And Town Planning Agency (PHATA) let’s move to its real estate sector main functions and responsibilities.

Main Functions Of PHATA

Enlisted below are the prime functions of the Punjab Housing And Town Planning Agency (PHATA):

  • Facilitate the provision of housing inputs, including land, finance, and building materials through institutional and legal frameworks and develop indigenous and cost-effective approaches;
  • Implement parameters of the national housing society policy, coordinate and cooperate with the Federal Government, District Governments, Tehsil Municipal Administrations, concerned departments and agencies;
  • Identify state and other lands for developing low-income and low-cost housing schemes;
  • Facilitate construction of multi-storey flats (Low-Cost Housing) in collaboration with the District Governments and Tehsil
  • Municipal Administrations by organizing finances from the House Building Finance Corporation, Development Finance Institutions and commercialized banks;
  • Provide affordable, cost-efficient housing schemes, especially for low-income families out of the Revolving Fund;
  • Facilitate public and private partnerships or ventures in housing and development of recreational activities (Theme Parks);
  • Promote an environment for friendly and standardized construction activities (Cluster Housing);

Low-Cost Housing Schemes In Punjab

  • Prepare guidelines for long-term and short-term plans for implementing the low-cost housing schemes in the Punjab;
  • Facilitate land availability through various new measures, develop an exclusive land information system (Land Bank) to meet the planning and development requirements for a period of five to ten years (Forward Planning);
  • Mobilize resources and generate funds to provide finance for housing, especially to the low-income group;
  • Develop land disposal systems which are transparent and market-oriented with open auction policy and exceptions for special needs;
  • Develop packages in which premier state land occupied by katchi abadis shall be offered to the private developers for commercial use, delivered they arrange and finance the upgradation or relocation of katchi abadis;
  • Suggest measures to check the growth of slums and katchi abadis, formulate resettlement and relocation plans;
  • Propose acceptable amendments in Land Acquisition laws to make provisions for a unified, transparent and market-oriented system of land acquisition;
  • Formulate provincial land usage policy, plan and prepare regional development plans (Interdistrict spatial planning – Master plans) for a coordinated and systematic planning to ensure the development of highways, railways, industrial area, care of forest set aside and provision of electricity, telephone, sui gas, etc.;
  • Plan an exclusive program for satellite development intermediate, secondary and industrial areas to reduce migration and drift to huge settlements;

Other Essential Benefits

  • Develop Geographic Information System (GIS) for efficient land documentation related to Housing and Town Planning;
  • Assist the District Governments and Tehsil Municipal Administrations towards capacity building in matters related to Housing and Planning;
  • Coordinate with Federal, District Governments and Tehsil Municipal Administrations for development plans implementation and programmes of Housing and Town Planning;
  • Assist provincial agencies such as the Workers Welfare Board and Government Servants Housing Scheme, etc., in the areas of low-cost housing;
  • Formulate policy parameters to ensure relief in the existing regulatory measures, streamline the affairs of private housing schemes, and
  • Perform such other functions as may be assigned to the Agency from time to time by the Provincial Government, the District Governments or, as the case may be, the Tehsil Municipal Administrations.

Governing Body of PHATA

The governing body of PHATA is led by Mian Aslam Iqbal, who serves as the Chairman and Minister of the HUD & PHE Department. As the head of the governing body, Mian Aslam Iqbal plays a crucial role in setting the policies and regulations that guide PHATA’s operations. He is responsible for making key decisions that impact the organization’s growth and success, such as approving budgets and overseeing strategic planning. With his leadership and guidance, Punjab Housing And Town Planning Agency (PHATA) ensures that the organization operates transparently and in the best interest of its stakeholders.

PHATA Organogram

As PHATA has a large number of employees, it is hard to identify each role and values. Here is a brief organogram of Punjab Housing And Town Planning Agency (PHATA) employees designations;

Punjab Housing And Town Planning Agency (PHATA)


PHATA Legal Framework

Are you aware of the legal framework that governs the real estate sector in Punjab? Understanding these laws is essential if you’re planning to invest in regional property.

  1. The Punjab Housing & Town – Planning Agency Ordinance, 2002
  2. Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA) Building And Zoning Regulations, 2008
  3. PHATA Building And Zoning Regulations, 2020
  4. The Management & Transfer of Properties by Development Authorities Act, 2014
  5. Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA) Land Use Rules, 2017
  6. The Land Acquisition Act, 1894
  7. PHATA Affordable Private Housing Scheme Rules, 2020
  8. PHATA Joint Venture Rules, 2020

Ending Lines!

Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA) has played a vital role in developing and revitalizing the housing sector in Punjab. PHATA’s main functions are diverse and encompass various activities, from facilitating land acquisition to promoting affordable housing schemes and public-private partnerships. They are committed to addressing housing challenges and ensuring the availability of resources to meet various communities’ needs.

The real estate sector legal framework governing Punjab is also critical for anyone considering property investment in the region. In essence, Punjab Housing And Town Planning Agency (PHATA) dedication to creating affordable housing solutions and fostering responsible urban development is crucial for the well-being of Punjab’s residents. By adhering to legal frameworks and embracing innovative approaches, PHATA continues to be a cornerstone in building a better future for the region’s housing and town planning.

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