List Of NOCs Required For Project Approval In Islamabad 2023

List Of NOC's Required For Project Approval In Islamabad 2023 - TYM

List Of NOCs Required For Project Approval In Islamabad 2023 — The development of any real estate property undertaking requires several approvals within the type of a ‘non-objection certificate’ (NOC) from the regulatory development authority, constituted in response to the insurance policies allowed by the Federal Government.

The NOCs guarantee timely Approval of structure and building plans, issuing requisite NOCs from involved departments and companies, and finishing allied procedures. Basically, in a hurry, people are influenced by various advertisements and invest heavily without any confirmation, mainly ignoring the list of NOCs required for project approval in Islamabad 2023. Later, going against the proposed project to the competent Authority, investors face substantial financial losses due to legal action taken against them. Recently, crackdown launched by RDA against illegal housing societies in Islamabad and Rawalpindi

In connection with the point previously mentioned, The Yard Marketing catalogs a complete list of NOCs required for project approval in Islamabad 2023 implemented by the Capital Improvement Authority (CDA) to approve housing projects within the CDA-administered areas in Islamabad.

List Of NOCs Required For Project Approval In Islamabad 2023

Ownership Documents

Here are some of the important list of NOCs required for project approval in Islamabad 2023 for ownership. 

Mutation or Fard Malkiat

This document is evidence of ownership issued by the local land revenue department. It proves that the land in question is in the applicant’s name.

Demarcation Certificate or Aks Shajra

This Certificate outlines the exact boundaries and dimensions of the land, helping to prevent disputes and encroachments.

Non-Encumbrance Certificate (NEC)

An NEC proves the property is free from legal or financial obligations or disputes. The Tehsildar must verify a Certificate of Impeachment. 

Girdawari for Shamilati Land

Girdawari is a record of land cultivation and can be required if the project involves agricultural land.

Planning Permission Certificate

This Certificate is issued by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and grants permission for the project based on Islamabad’s zoning and land use regulations. It is mainly a letter that determines whether or not the dimensions and nature of a proposed growth could be acceptable to the native planning authority. 

Layout Plan Approval Letter

The layout plan shows the project’s proposed design, including the layout of roads, parks, and other amenities. The CDA must approve it. 

Structure Stability Certificate

This Certificate attests to the structural stability of the building and is issued by a structural engineer or architect.

Third Party Vetting Certificates

These certificates may be required from government-approved third-party consultants or agencies to verify specific aspects of the project, such as the environmental impact or structural integrity.

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) drawings and Certificate

MEP drawings and certification ensure that the project’s electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems meet safety and efficiency standards. These drawings are verified and vetted by professionals who already have registration with CDA.

It is clearly mentioned in the relevant certificate whether the design is in accordance with the Building Codes of Pakistan or not.

National Highway Authority (NHA) Approval. (If property abutting on GT Road)

If your property is adjacent to the Grand Trunk Road (GT Road), you may require Approval from the National Highway Authority.

Pakistan Railway Approval

If any Railway line is crossing or passing through the project or any housing society, then you must need Pakistan Railway approval for it. 

Civil Aviation Approval

For projects near airports or in areas that could affect flight paths, Approval from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is necessary.

Utility Connections Approvals

  1. Electricity from IESCO
  2. Sui-Gas from SNGPL

Electricity from IESCO

Electricity from IESCO (Islamabad Electric Supply Company) ensures your project has a reliable power supply.

Sui-Gas from SNGPL

Approval from SNGPL (Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited) is necessary for a gas connection.

Fire Fighting System Approval

Approval from the local fire department is necessary to ensure that your project meets fire protection and safety standards.

Environmental Approval

For projects with potential environmental impacts, you must obtain Approval from the relevant environmental authorities.

The Bottom Line!

Navigating the list of NOCs required for project approval in Islamabad 2023 can be complex, and engaging with the relevant authorities and professionals is crucial to ensure a smooth approval process. Failing to secure the necessary NOCs can lead to delays, legal issues, and potential financial setbacks. Therefore, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with a list of NOCs required for project approval in Islamabad 2023 and engage with experts who can guide you through the approval process, ensuring your project is compliant and successful.

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