How To Obtain A Succession Certificate?

How To Obtain A Succession Certificate

Establishing legal heirs involves NADRA issuing both a Succession Certificate and a Letter of Administration that are presented to their successor in place of a deceased individual. Understanding how to obtain this vital document is paramount; here’s The Yard Marketing handy guide on getting one from NADRA.

What Is A Succession Certificate?

At the death of any family member, legal heirs often spend years waiting in courts until they can access Letters of Administration for immovable properties and Succession Certificates for movable ones. Now, without needing to go before courts themselves, these legal heirs can access these legal instruments more quickly through Succession Facilitation Units operated by the National Database Registration Authority. Currently, one such facilitation Unit exists only within Islamabad’s Capital Territory. Still, soon, more will be introduced across Pakistan by NADRA.

Who Issues A Succession Certificate?

District Judges within each relevant jurisdiction issue a succession certificate upon receiving notice that action has arisen against someone. Their jurisdiction includes where their cause of action arose. So, for instance, in one territory, the District Judge can issue one where either their deceased ordinarily resided at the time of death or, failing that, within any area where any property they own exists (wherever that may be).

What Properties Required Succession Certificate?

Succession certificates may be sought on behalf of deceased people for items that will pass onto legal heirs when they pass away to transfer any inherited movable property. Everyday items for which succession certificates can be applied include:

  • Insurance claims
  • Amount kept in a bank account
  • Stocks
  • Prize bonds
  • Stock Exchange Shares
  • Items lying in bank lockers
  • Saving Certificates etc.

What Are The Documents Required For Succession Certificates?

Below are the documents necessary for receiving an official succession certificate from a District Court:

  • Death Certificate for Deceased Individual
  • Statement from the Bank reflecting the Deceased Person Name.
  • Please upload copies of prize bonds (if available).
  • Any applicable Saving Certificates, if available
  • Copy of Share Certificate, If applicable
  • Proof of ownership in either Partnership business or Company as appropriate if any shares exist (if relevant )
  • Proof of ownership or entitlement by a deceased individual for items listed above
Succession Certificate

What Is The Process Of Obtaining Succession Certificates?

NADRA will publish a public notice in leading local newspapers and on its website when receiving completed application forms from applicants. Once no objections are raised within fourteen days, legal heirs, whether in Pakistan or overseas (London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bradford – as applicable- – or Jeddah Riyadh Medina Dubai Abu Dhabi Doha can visit either their nearest NADRA Office in Pakistan or Pakistan Mission abroad to complete biometric certification procedures and conduct biometric certification of biometric records for certification. 

When biometric verification of legal heirs has been accomplished, a Succession Certificate or Letter of Administration will be issued in their name. Apart from those mentioned herein, other cities around the globe will soon see biometric verification centers set up quickly by governments worldwide.

The procedure for Applying for Letters of Administration/Succession Certificates is as follows:

Step 01 – Application Initiation

For this step, an applicant shall present their National Identification number, the deceased individual’s death certificate number and NIP Number; in addition, legal heirs of the deceased must sign an authorization letter permitting someone to file on their behalf.

The applicant should provide all pertinent details concerning legal heirs and information about moveable and immovable assets held by the deceased.

For verification and consent purposes, any legal heirs an applicant mentions will visit NADRA’s Registration Center to be biometrically scanned, while the details provided will also be verified.

Step 04 – Advertise in Newspaper

As part of Step 3, NADRA will notify the general public and assess if there are any objections against an application submitted for approval.

Step 05 – Printing and Delivering Certificate

Once 14 days have elapsed since the publication of the notice, an Application Succession Certificate/Letter of Administration will be printed and delivered directly to the applicant.

Please Note: Now there’s no need to visit a court! Nadra will soon be offering online filing forms and biometrics verification. The Yard Marketing is here to assist you in giving information.

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