CDA Approves Commercial Property Developments In Islamabad

CDA Approves Commercial Property Developments in Islamabad

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is crucial in approving commercial property developments in Islamabad. As the administrative body responsible for the planned and sustainable growth of the city. The CDA ensures that all commercial projects meet the requirements and adhere to the city’s development regulations. This blog post will explore how the CDA approves commercial property developments in Islamabad, highlighting the key factors and considerations involved.

Commercial property developments in Islamabad

Islamabad: An important meeting of the Design Review Committee of the Federal Development Authority (Capital Development Authority) was convened at the CDA headquarters. The meeting was attended by officers from various relevant departments, including the Authority’s Planning Wing.

  1. Building plans for various Commercial Property Developments in Islamabad were approved during the meeting. The documents for scrutiny included nine commercial plots. Plot number 13 on Club Road, spanning 27394.40 square yards, received approval to construct a 26-storey hotel building. Similarly, Plot number 53 in Sector I-8 Markaz, covering 666.66 square yards, was approved for a 6-story commercial building.
  2. In addition, Plot number 14 in Sector F-8 Markaz, with an area of 416.66 square yards, received approval for a 7-storey commercial building, along with their respective plans and designs. Furthermore, during the Design Review Committee (DVC) meeting of CDA, approval was granted for the construction of a 9-storey building on a 4840.00 square yard plot in Sector G-5, designated for the Asian Development Bank.

Other Commercial Property Developments In Islamabad

  1. Likewise, Plot number 16 in Sector H-9, spanning 4840.40 square yards, received approval from the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan, involving their architectural plans and building designs. In Zone IV, Plot number 62 on Street Avenue One, 58 Road, Bahria Enclave, covering 542.22 square yards, received complete scrutiny of building documents. Following a thorough review, approval was granted for constructing a 6-story commercial building along with its plans and designs.
  2. Additionally, in the New Blue Area locality, Plot number B-2, spanning 1333.33 square yards, received approval during the meeting to construct 15-story commercial buildings, including their architectural plans and designs. Meanwhile, Plot number 6 in Sector C-1 of Bahria Enclave, covering 271.11 square yards, was approved to construct a 6-storey commercial building.
  3. However, Plot numbers 136, 138, and 140 in Gulberg Greens, spanning 1166.66 square yards each, designated for constructing 8-story commercial buildings, still need to receive full approval due to non-compliance with legal requirements. These cases have been deferred until the next meeting for further review.

What are CDA’s requirements for submitting a commercial property development plan?

Developers must fulfill certain prerequisites before submitting a Commercial Property Developments in Islamabad plan to the CDA. These include obtaining a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the relevant authorities, such as the Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Additionally, developers must ensure the proposed project aligns with the city’s zoning regulations and land-use policies.

What factors does the CDA consider when reviewing commercial property development plans?

When reviewing Commercial Property Developments in Islamabad plans, the CDA considers several crucial factors. These include the impact on the city’s infrastructure, such as roads, sewage systems, and utilities. The CDA also considers the project’s potential environmental impact, ensuring that it complies with environmental regulations and does not harm the city’s ecosystem. Furthermore, the CDA evaluates the feasibility and financial viability of the proposed Commercial Property Developments in Islamabad.

How does the CDA ensure transparency in the approval process?

Transparency is a fundamental aspect of the CDA’s approval process for Commercial Property Developments in Islamabad. The authority ensures transparency by maintaining an open and accessible system for developers and the public. All necessary information, guidelines, and forms related to commercial property development approvals are readily available on the CDA’s official website. Additionally, the CDA conducts thorough inspections and site visits to verify that the proposed project meets the required standards.

How long does it take for the CDA to approve a commercial property development plan?

The time taken for the CDA to approve a Commercial Property Developments in Islamabad plan varies depending on the complexity and scale of the project. The CDA generally aims to process and approve applications within a reasonable timeframe to facilitate timely development. However, developers should anticipate a certain amount of waiting time due to the meticulous evaluation process conducted by the CDA.

What happens after the CDA approves a commercial property development plan?

Once the CDA approves a Commercial Property Developments in Islamabad plan, the developer is granted permission to proceed with the project. However, it is essential to note that the approval is subject to compliance with all necessary construction and safety regulations during the execution phase. The CDA conducts regular inspections to ensure that the approved plan is implemented correctly and that the development adheres to the approved design.


The CDA’s approval process for commercial property developments in Islamabad is comprehensive and meticulous. It ensures that all proposed projects meet the requirements, align with the city’s development regulations, and contribute to the planned and sustainable growth of the capital city. By following the prerequisites, considering key factors, maintaining transparency, and conducting inspections, the CDA plays a vital role in shaping the commercial landscape of Islamabad.

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